Trying this one more time and then I’m going to try to sell it elsewhere! As always, I like to give my followers and fellow Loki cosplayers here on Tumblr first shot!

Loki helmet for sale for half off! That means it’s $175 instead of what I usually charged to commission helmets and here’s why:

There was a flaw in the cast and it made it all look a little lopsided. As you can tell one of the horns is sort of off, but from the side you can’t tell at all! It’s still made of high quality supplies and still looks pretty legit. It would be easy enough to fix if you wanted to saw one of the horns off and try to reattach it(I just don’t have the time to do it myself), or you can leave it as is!

If anyone’s interested in taking this off my hands, I’ll finish sanding and paint it up for you! It needs a good home, otherwise I may end up scrapping it, unfortunately, since I have too many other commissions I need to finish up. So please contact me here or email me at if you’d like to purchase it! It will be $175 + $30 shipping(if you’re inside the US, otherwise it will be higher) and it will be ready to go as soon as I put some paint on it, so as soon as Monday morning! Thanks!

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    I can’t buy it, I don’t have the money but I’d love to. So followers go look!
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    Somebody buy this for me so that I might have two.
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